Come to the Falls Church Permaculture event on January 29th!

Come to the Falls Church Permaculture event - January 29th

Urban living with a sense of community

Falls Church city is an historic town “within the Beltway” of the Washington D.C. metro area.   There are two metro stations nearby, a main street with shops and restaurants, a farmer’s market, and a library all within walking distance from our target site for our planned cohousing condomiums.

Would you like to live where everybody knows   your name?

Learn about an alternative designed:

  • to create a caring community,
  • to foster development of meaningful relationships, and
  • to ensure residents feel a sense

of belonging

Are you interested in buying new and having a say about the home plan designs?

We are a pre-build group who is working with professional developers throughout the building life-cycle.

Is Cohousing for You?

Does owning a condominium in Falls Church near Metro appeal to you?  Would it be even more attractive if you were living with neighbors who were trusted friends? If you expected to enjoy frequent opportunities for planned and spontaneous group events?  If you were involved in the design of the community?

If you are interested, we’d like to meet you.  If you’d like to hear more about this, please contact Ann Zabaldo at the phone number or email address shown on the left.  For invitations to events, sign up at the meetup.com address shown on the left.

3 Responses to “Home”
  1. Ann says:

    Hey! What happened to “Get neighborly and keep the urban perks?” Love that line and it’s so right on for Falls Church and Falls Church Cohousing!

  2. regina says:

    ugh … i did not know it was a big hit! I like it better too. Will fix that and reload the header

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